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Earn bitcoin with us [limited timeoffer]Posted on Thursday, 21st February 2019

I'm responsible for cleaning our money, we need a fast service and since there is nothing more fast, secure and anonymous than Bitcoin here I am. 
We have a lot of money, so feel free to join the club. You can send money to our bitcoin address and you will receive money twice 

How can you trust us? Well, since bitcoins and tor here are used to keep anonymity there's no way to know who we are, but you can trust us. We run our business since very old times, if it isn't enough you don't have to trust us, you choose if you want to send or not your money; if you choose yes, then send your address to our sigaint address and after 24 hours you will have more of what you have sent. Since we have dirty moneys we do not care to lost(send) half or more of our capital to have it cleaned. 

I take care of your privacy and security, you will receive your money not from the address where you have sent to, but from another clean address; This will make things 100% safe, anonymous and secure for both parts, you and me, and if you want 200% safety then send money to us with one address and send by mail another one where you'll receive money twice(also recommend change address at each transaction). 
So remember, you can send money to our bitcoin address and then you'll receive thanks to our good guys money from a clean bitcoin address of people who even don't know what is deep web, we pay for the service.  

Here all info you need:

Send money to this address:      ==>    1JyBXV187QWpYsQcW4DJNj63d6YXxbxTA4    <==

After sent,  contact us by email: ===>    <===  and put the bitcoin address where you want to have money
Join sigaint free using tor http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion We'll never reply to clearnet mails (e.g. gmail), but if you send money and your address using a clearnet service we will respect what we have said and we'll send twice money(or more, according to the deal of the moment, check replies and/or contact us)
We'll need at the least 24 hours, if for any reason you can't wait drop us a mail and I will see what we can do for you depending on the amount of money you want to send
You can contact us for any question, but I've to say that I'm focused on clean money not on chat by mail, if I'm busy I won't reply to question before you have sent the minimal amount to join the club.

NOW 2x BITCOINS check replies to know if we offer something better, avoid scammers using our mail!  
Minimum amount required: now 0.05 BTC    
Maximum amount you can send: now 28 BTC We're afraid if you need more, contact us and we'll advise you how to have

ALWAYS CHECK REPLIES OF THIS POST, we may offer more than 2x or we could change some things, always check "Re:" from Good Guys, keeping in mind InserTor have no account method(no user&password) so everyone can write in the author Good Guys .... but, I'm the only one able to manage our mail, so contact us if you have doubts. We'll update the post ("UP") to keep this post in insertor recent listing. I'm not responsible for any reply of this post, so always contact us by mail for anything.


[Q]When I'll receive my money?  [A] Usually we need at the least 24h, check replies we may offer a even more fast service.
[Q]Can I contact you by mail if I have any doubt? [A] Yes, you have to do it. If I'm busy however, I wouldn't reply at any questions that isn't important more than another, as I previously said I'm not here for chatting. However, since here everyone can post with our name, any important question will be answered. If you send the minimal amount, you'll get the priority of the answers, our users get always what they need and want.
[Q]Do you put special deals in replies? [A]  Yes, even though everyone can fake replies
[Q]Is this better than another service? [A] Probably we have more and more money than various people who post here, and we're better than scammers. In addition, our business is made on real life, not hacking service or cashing out paypals and CCs, and we have a lot of friends including friends that help us in law troubles of course. In short words, our service is based on our good business and is good as well as it
[Q]Do I receive a reply after I've my money [A] No, if you need something more contact us back and we'll reply. If you have sent enough money, you can contact us back to join something better
[Q]Can I become part of the family? [A] See previous question; if you have enough money or if you are a person that know how to do business, you can
[Q]Is possible to make money on Deep Web? [A]First of all you need money to make money, even though special situations exist big money are made after you have got moneys in life

This FAQ is based on basic answers we usually receive by mail
Consider I can't edit this post since InserTor have no way to sign up or edit the post, see FAQ and contact me by mail if you want to know if there is some special or if you need to know something more

If you have read everything, thanks for your time. 

Our Bitcoin address: 1JyBXV187QWpYsQcW4DJNj63d6YXxbxTA4
Our mail:
Our mail using sigaint .onion: goodeal@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion

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