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david#99 Reply

Best virus makers on the darknet are here http://oufkrhddoiik3xoy.onion/ defo check them out been using them for years highly recommended.
Posted 1 week ago

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alibaba#95 Reply

Share 19 most powerful computer controlled RATs today As you know, RAT controls computers as a hidden spyware name on a victim's computer and waits for a hacker attack. Once you have installed the RAT on someone else's computer, you almost have full control of their computer. In addition to remote, you can also steal data, keylogs, monitor, shutdown .... Below is a summary of more than 19 most popular and popular SVs. Although it is old, it still works well. Suitable for you who are studying the Virus-Rat-Trojan topic In the summary file, there will be:  Crypter tool: encrypted Virus avoids detection of Antivirus, Confuser Crypter 2 Binder & Spoofer tools: attach virus to another file: BD2.Net Injector, Extension Spoofer. More than 19 very good SVs. 19 most powerful computer-controlled RATs available today SV is like Teamviewer, but it is different in that the victim is unaware that you are controlling their computer. The list of shared RAT children includes: 888RAT Babylon RAT BD2.Net Cloud Net v1.7 Crypters D-RAT DarkComent v5.3.1 EchoRat 0.2 Extension Hades v1.6 HAKOPS RAT v2 Imminent.Monitor. IndRat v.9.5 KilerRat v10.0.0 KJw0rm V0.5X LimeRAT v0.1.8.2F NanoCore NjRat 0.7D Danger Edition Plasma RAT 1.5 Revenge-RAT v0.3 VanToM RAT 1.4 XtremeRAT v3.5 Private
Posted 2 weeks ago

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kapatical#90 Reply

can i make red code virus in that software?
Posted 2 years ago

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sexyman#76 Reply

nice softer
Posted 3 years ago

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v3ct0r3ss10#72 Reply

Can I download the file on android device??
Posted 3 years ago

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taiZ666#65 Reply

Does this stuff work?
Posted 3 years ago

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