This programs makes automatic clicks with multiple options.


Screenshot of Autoclicker

MD5-Checksum: 0a3f18a0daee3f4fbc88dc92b0589243
Download count: 9150
You can download* it from this link.

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th3_m3nt0r#66 Reply

Use Kali Linux, auto clicker is for spamming.
Reply to autotracker (#59)Posted 8 years ago

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malla#38 Reply

This will RUIN them. Hehehe!
Posted 8 years ago

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what is this#39 Reply

them who?
Reply to malla (#38)Posted 8 years ago

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h4x0r3#34 Reply

Posted 8 years ago

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sjzz#33 Reply

Posted 8 years ago

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