Welcome to the Services section

In this part of the website you can find lots of useful webservices.

BF & Ook! Interpreter

This is a great script that enables you programming in the one of the most famous isoteric programming language, the Brainfuck and the Ook! Code.


Here are some ciphers with their explanations and their scripts.


In this subsection you can find tools for easy convert strings, for example in: Base 64, Hexadecimal, Unicode, and others more!


In this subsection you can find tools for easy encrypt and decrypt strings with lots of algorithms such as: Blowfish, and others.

Files Upload

Easy upload your files online with this script. Features: multiple files upload and upload by link.


Here are some free hashes calculation scripts and its explaination.


Would you like send email anonymously? Now you can with this great script written in PHP! It's quick, easy and free, try it now!
The script is available here.


Here you can recive news form BlackHost by entering your email address.

Password Strenght Meter

Easy calculate the efficiency of your password here.

Paste Bin

Here you can store and share text, for a set period of time, even with a secret password.

String Tools

In this subsection you can find simple tools for easy: count the words and the characters, convert to Zalgo text, convert to 1337 text, and other more.

Web Tools

In this subsection of BlackHost you can find useful tools for the web, and for the webmasters, such as a Port Scanner, a Whois LookUp and more...

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