Email Bomber

The Email Bomber is a software that can easily send hundred of mails in just some minutes!


Screenshot of Email Bomber


  1. BlackHost footer
  2. Clear all link
  3. Customizable timer
  4. Hosts list
  5. Number of emails
  6. SSL certificate

MD5-Checksum: 8e2aceb49543053938043bf0d323980b
Download count: 33043
You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

*=By clicking 'Download' you accept the Terms of Service.



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dick#588 Reply - scammer
Posted 3 years ago

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shivv#583 Reply

Whats the host and port?
Posted 3 years ago

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david#587 Reply
Reply to shivv (#583)Posted 3 years ago

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yutaka#582 Reply

My ramen was not good today.
Posted 3 years ago

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tstzab2021020701#581 Reply

please, send me spam with this application, hacker! a`m need test? thanx!!!
Posted 3 years ago

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scum#579 Reply

Hi, I'm a moron.
Posted 3 years ago

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aitor silver#577 Reply
Posted 3 years ago

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aitorsilver#576 Reply
Posted 3 years ago

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olaf#575 Reply

I hoped for some more cheese.
Posted 3 years ago

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mike#574 Reply

Development Telegram was launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Previously, the pair founded the Russian social network VK, which they left in 2014 after it was taken over by President Putin's allies. Pavel Durov sold his remaining stake in VK and left Russia after resisting government pressure.[24][25] Nikolai Durov created the MTProto protocol that is the basis for the messenger, while Pavel Durov provided financial support and infrastructure through his Digital Fortress fund, with partner Axel Neff joining as a second co-founder. The company and the app were started in Russia in 2013 and later moved to Germany.[26][27] Telegram Messenger states that its end goal is not to bring profit,[28][29] but it is not currently structured as a non-profit organization.[30] Telegram is registered as both an English LLP[31] and an American LLC.[32] It does not disclose where it rents offices or which legal entities it uses to rent them, citing the need to "shelter the team from unnecessary influence" and protect users from governmental data requests.[33] Pavel Durov said that the service was headquartered in Berlin, Germany, between 2014[34] and early 2015, but moved to different jurisdictions after failing to obtain residence permits for everyone on the team.[35] After Pavel Durov left Russia, he is said to be moving from country to country with a small group of computer programmers consisting of 15 core members.[24][36] According to press reports, Telegram had employees in Saint Petersburg.[35] The Telegram team is currently based in Dubai.[37]
Posted 3 years ago

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