Welcome to the Converters section

In this section you can find tools and utilities for fastly encode and decode a string into a specific format.


Here you can easy encode and decode a string to Base64.

Binary Code

With this script you can easily convert string to binary code.

Deflate and Inflate

Here you can easy deflate and inflate a string.


Simple exadecimal converter script, try it here.


The HTML URL encoder is a script that convert an URL to the HTML format.
You can find the script here.

Morse Code

Easy encode and decode morse code!

QR Code Decoder

Simply decode your QR Codes with this free script.

QR Code Encoder

This simple script enables you to simply generate QR Codes.


This is a simple ROT13 encoder and decoder.


Here you can simply encode and decode Unicode texts!


Here you can easy encode and decode a UU string.

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